How It Started

Established in 2019 by film & TV wardrobe buyer and stylist, Michelle Booker (Chelle B.), who has worked with Nike, Ford, Warner Bros. Entertainment, BET and DC Comics. Alongside a retail career that span over 8 years. Chelle is a designer at heart with a well trained eye that is committed to quality and character. She received her fashion education at American Intercontinental University (AIU) with studies in Fashion Merchandising in Atlanta, GA. where she currently resides. Headquartered in Atlanta, Mod Instinct was created for women who love the simplicity of fashion that balance out her wardrobe. MI offers minimal aesthetic, fashion-forward apparel, casual loungewear, denim and amazing faux leather pieces.

Our Aesthetics

MI offers a classic collection of styles that mix effortlessly into your wardrobe with monochromatic tones, textured fabrics, and subtle prints. Curated to make a powerful BAD-ASS statement!

Quality Driven

Our customers are the driving force in selecting the best merchandise from exclusive brands with high-quality clothes that are affordable and made to last.
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